Why Attend Electrician School?

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Why Attend Electrician School?

Are you interested in attending electrician school? This is a great career to break into and it’s one of the few opportunities that doesn’t require hefty college preparation. In fact, you can get started working as an electrician by taking a vocational course, and with only a high school diploma.

How much do electricians make? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections source, workers made anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000, depending on their education, licensing and location. There are an estimated 577,000 jobs in the U.S. involving electrical work and the majority of these workers are employed by “contractors” (companies), which is the legal requirements. Only 10% of electricians are believed to be self-employed.

Electrician school will prepare you for the danger ahead, and will cover the protective clothing and items electricians must wear to stay safe and avoid injury. Electricians work indoors and outdoors as well as within commercial and industrial companies. There is a bit of a physical demand here, as electricians must work in cramped areas, lift heavy objects, stand in one place, kneel down and perform other feats that are not always easy. Sometime substantial travel is involved. Electricians do have a higher than average injury risk, and so proper understanding of how to work equipment is crucial—not only for career advancement but for one’s livelihood.

Some of the positives of electrical work include the ability to set your own schedule, if privately employed—though even contractors are flexible in this regard. However, most electricians work full time and are on call for weekends and evenings if necessary. Another positive: the employment of electricians is expected to grow in the next ten years as much as 23% from the average. Electricity is a staple of the American lifestyle, and even abroad, as we rely on PCs, heating and air conditioning, and wall outlets to power up some of our battery operated systems. Homes and commercial companies will never give up on electricity and that means a stable future for you the electrician.

Furthermore, some electrician school training programs are now providing alternative power electricity, since this is the future of our economy. Solar and wind energy, while natural, still require electrical technology to power up a house. Electricians will be needed in this regard. For more information qualifying for an electrician school contact a trusted and accredited school for vocational training! You can start a new career in just a short amount of apprenticeship training time!

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