What Can an Electrician School Teach You?

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What Can an Electrician School Teach You?

With good reason, you are considering attending an electrician school, whether in person or online. After all, electricians can make very good money, sometimes upwards of $50,000 and that’s without being licensed or certified as a Master electrician. Of course, there is a lot to learn before you can start electrical work and much of this involves learning safety regulations, terminology, the tools of the craft and troubleshooting problems.

School education teaches you how to repair and install systems, as well as inspect electrical problems, identify trouble areas and read blueprints of a system before starting work. In addition, electricians also have to learn how to follow state or local county guidelines when it comes to fixing electrical systems of public buildings. Part of your schooling process will involve using screw drivers, strippers, drills and saws and other tools.

While electricians do often work alone, officially new electricians cannot work without supervision. Therefore, part of the job will involve working well with others. You may have to consult with engineers and architects or work with specialists such as elevator installers or HVAC repair companies. There is also a distinction between inside electricians, who work with commercial and industrial businesses, as well as residential electricians who go to peoples’ homes and make minor repairs on outlets and the like.

What can you do to get started in this promising career? For starters, attend an accredited electrician school that offers an apprenticeship of some sort. While many online courses do offer electrical training through textbook, not all online courses arrange for one on one time with a Master electrician or journeyman—which is precisely the training you want.

How long will you be going to school? Usually, most new electricians will take four years in learning their trade during an accredited apprenticeship. During this time, electricians must also complete a minimum number of hours, including technical training as well as on-the-job work. Safety is always a major issue so a good amount of training goes towards explaining how electrical systems work and what the most common threats are.

In addition, electrician school may also cover fire alarm systems and other communications devices. The good news is that once you graduate, and eventually work your way towards certification and licensing, you can immediately start working in construction electricity or maintenance electricity.

Only a high school diploma is required, and usually schools will let you in with just one year of algebra training. Why not make plans to attend electrician school and find a rewarding career?

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