What Are You Going to Learn When You Attend Electrician College?

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What Are You Going to Learn When You Attend Electrician College?

Those considering becoming an electrician have a lot of work ahead of them. There is the apprenticeship, but also important electrician college courses. Let’s talk about some of the main courses you will be taking.

Electrical fundamentals is a course all electricians should be taking. It lays the groundwork for all the other knowledge you will be attaining in the future. You will learn about all types of electrical systems and devices. You will leave this course understanding all the basics of voltage, power, and circuits. You will study Kirchoff’s Laws, learn about amplifiers, as well as a good amount of problem solving.

Some colleges have classes devoted to learning the national electric codes. Learning the application of such codes as well as about calculations and protections will help you advance in this critical knowledge. You may also be required to take some math and physics classes geared toward electricians. This will help you learn the skills you will need for everyday happenings on the job.

Electrician college classes will also include safety and first aid instruction. Electricity is a wonderful but potential dangerous thing. Electric shock, fire, and other dangers await electricians who do not focus on the details and act cautiously. You may even be instructed in proper use of ladders near electricity, and using personal protective items. In the case of an emergency, this class and its lessons may even help you to save a life. Do you know what to do if someone is being shocked or is badly burned? You will after taking this course!

Alternative energy sources may also be a full class available for electricians. Those that want to advance their education and stay current on upcoming technology are wise to learn about alternative sources of electricity and how it will affect the items that they install and maintain. Electrical blueprints are another valuable course to the electrician in training. If you are going to be installing full electrical systems in residential areas or even in larger buildings, you will need to be able to read electrical blueprints. The basics on construction and electricity as well as renovations based on blueprints should be covered.

Going to an electrician college is a smart move in this economy, as it is a job that is hard to “cut”. Electricity is a requirement in our society today, and that means reliable, well-educated and properly trained electricians are always in demand.

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