Are You Ready for Electrician College?

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Are You Ready for Electrician College?

Electrician college is a special educational program offered by selected schools. These programs allow aspiring electricians and high school graduates to learn their skills through an apprenticeship. Now mind you, formal schooling is not required. Some electricians get started by simply learning their skills under supervision of a Master electrician. However, those who undergo a training process and a formal educational foundation do have a better chance of finding a job and perhaps more importantly, working towards certification and licensing. Understand that while certification is nice to have and valuable from a marketing perspective, licensing is the state requirement and will apply to you. However, you do not have to become a licensed electrician just to work as one.

What can an electrician college teach you? It will take about four years to learn a formal education of the business and trade, though each school is different. However, accredited schools offer courses geared towards certification training. Apprentices are usually required to complete a certain number of hours as well as paid training.

While in the classroom, you will learn important fundamentals such as electrical theory, blueprint reading, electrical code and first aid. What happens after completing this training regimen? Then you are classified as journey workers. This allows you to perform duties on your own and without supervision. However, you must still work for a contractor in most venues and jurisdictions—at least until you become licensed.

Bear in mind that some individuals may begin their electrician career by attending a technical school, and there is no downside to this, as it does count as a credit towards a four year apprenticeship. Even after you complete formal training, you must still continue to learn and keep up to date with the latest industry regulations.

What about the electrician college and licensing? Obviously, such a course cannot help you become licensed, but it can help you learn the essentials of certification and time requirements. When you are ready to branch out on your own, you may want to look into state licensing.

Last but not least, if you are planning to make a career in electronics, be sure that you have good color vision (essential for identifying wires), excellent critical thinking abilities and great customer service abilities—a crucial element of any job! Managerial skills and troubleshooting skills may also be required. Why not start looking for a trusted vocational school today?

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