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If you are finding it hard to work more hours, but even harder to pay your bills, you may want to look into the potential to switch career paths. Having a full time job is hard when you have a full time family. If work is taking you away from the ones you love in an attempt to make more money, you may want to rethink why you are working so hard. Having a business of your own, and making your own schedule, all the while earning a great living, may be a better alternative. The perfect occupation to make your own hours, and make a great living, is an electrician.

Earning your electrician certification is not as difficult as you would think. It can all be done online and in your spare time. Having the ability to work full time while earning your degree, means that you won’t be putting any undue strain on your already strained finances. There are many electrician training courses available online. Electrician certification programs online allow you to obtain your degree without ever having to attend a traditional classroom setting.

There are many top electrician certification programs online, but not all of them are as good as they lay claim to. If you are having a hard time finding the right program or deciphering how to become a certified electrician, the professionals of www.ElectricianCertifications.net can help. We have the knowledge to compare electrician training programs to find one that is suitable for your time schedule, your finances, and your time frame for completion. Taking the guesswork out of the process, we will help you from decision to admissions getting you on the path to beginning a whole new life. Earn your electrician certification online and start running your own business leaving you with much more family time.

Popular Programs

Stratford Career Institute

Earn Your Diploma from Home! Stratford Career Institute can help you earn your diploma from home in as little as six months, thanks to their proven study methods.

Simmons College School of Social Work

About SocialWork@Simmons

As the nation’s oldest school of social work, Simmons School of Social Work (SSW) has been training clinical social workers to improve the well-being of individuals and communities for more than 100 years. Co-founded in Boston with Harvard University in 1904, SSW is dedicated to promoting social action and rooted in the belief that all individuals have the capacity and deserve the resources to grow, change, and improve their lives.

Today, SSW is expanding its reach to students and aspiring clinical social workers across the country through SocialWork@Simmons.

SocialWork@Simmons is SSW’s nationally-recognized Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) degree program delivered online. Combining live online classes, self-paced coursework, and field experiences in or near students’ own communities, SocialWork@Simmons prepares clinical social workers for direct clinical practice in a wide range of school, agency, clinic, and other settings.

Featuring the same rigorous M.S.W. curriculum as Simmons’ on-campus program, this innovative online M.S.W. program offers:
• Live, weekly online classes taught by renowned SSW faculty and limited to 15 students to ensure an effective classroom experience.
• Coursework with a clinical practice focus on social welfare policies, human behavior, assessment and diagnosis, multicultural perspectives, and racial and social justice.
• Hands-on experience through internships arranged in or near students’ own communities by our field placement team.


Animal Behavior College

Love working with animals? Animal Behavior College can prepare you for a rewarding career as a dog trainer or a vet assistant. Owned and operated by experienced professional trainers, our schools offer hands-on experience at over 400 locations across the U.S. We offer low application costs, the best job placement opportunities in the nation, and best of all, the chance to work with animal lovers and animals all day long. 100% financing available with $0 down to qualified individuals.


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